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Brochure design case study 2015

Client: One For The Boys (

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Corporate overview

One For The Boys is a charitable organisation that seeks to fight male cancer via education. Samuel L Jackson is the Chairman of the charity and events range from star-studded golfing days and fashion shows to formal dinners and auctions. Due to the Hollywood connection, guests at these events are offered the chance to mingle with famous celebrities including the likes of Michael Douglas, Simon Pegg and David Walliams to name but a few. 49th Floor have been involved from the inception of One For The Boys and have assisted with many of their requirements. Previous projects include the initial branding of the charity, invitations, corporate presentation documents, digital order forms, printed brochures and all materials relating to events such as menus and programmes.


Produce a document to provide information on upcoming One For The Boys events while showcasing previous events and offering general information on the charity itself.

Our Work

The main aim of this project was to produce a document that would introduce and generate interest in future events. The brochure was also to serve as an introduction to the charity for those who have not encountered it previously and also to present images from previous successful events. 49th Floor created a twenty page document that could be used for both printed and digital distribution, creating new artwork and illustrations to represent the upcoming events and designing effective layouts that allowed the charity to feature many large images while still ensuring that the core messages and goals of the charity were delivered.


This is a selection from our portfolio that we haven't had time to write up as full case studies yet, but still see some benefit in sharing with you. We've kept some of our best work to ourselves partly due to NDAs (which we always respect) and partly because we want to keep something back to show potential clients with in the flesh.

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