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49th Floor are a creative graphic design company based in Luton, Bedfordshire

Shown below is range of design projects 49th Floor have worked on that we feel are either of sufficient artistic merit to share or represent good examples of what we do and how we do it. We don't tend to list testimonials because there's no way of validating what's written – I could quote my mum saying how exceptional I am, but is that useful? We feel there's more value to listing what the project objectives were and showing the work that was signed-off for commercial use, the success of this you can judge for yourselves.

A selection of recent case studies

Work examples from 49th Floor's Portfolio

This is a selection from our portfolio that we haven't had time to write up as full case studies yet, but still see some benefit in sharing with you. We've kept some of our best work to ourselves partly due to NDAs (which we always respect) and partly because we want to keep something back to show potential clients in the flesh.

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