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To control Vector as he jumps across the roof-tops to return back to 49th Floor, simply press your mouse-button on the game window and hold to lengthen the jump. See how far you can get, but be warned; it gets trickier the further you go! Send us a screen grab of your highest score and we'll add you to the table below. Every now and then we'll be giving away free bits and pieces to the top players.


David Smith - 1,800
Andrew Hart - 850
Michelle Breen-Smith - 250
Sammy Smith - NIL (but at 5 months it's impressive that he even hit the mouse button)

If you visit the site using a desktop computer or tablet you will be able to play the thrilling "Vector Runner' game that we've made using Game Salad. Hopefully in the not too distant future this and many other enjoyable 49th Floor design related titles will be made available via the Apple App Store and whatever Android call their market place these days.

Luckily this is not the only way that we at 49th Floor enjoy aourselves and seeing as you have taken the trouble to click through to this page on your handset, we woul like to share with you some of our work, done just for fun:






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