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Top 5 motivational management quotes

29th September 2014 | Written by David Smith 


As I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed this grey Monday morning it struck me that no matter how much you love your job we all need motivating sometimes. Luckily for me, because I selected an ariabiata forged in Hades very own George Forman grill with chilli heat enough to smelt steel for dinner yesterday evening, I had the physical impetus to venture forth to the bathroom and engage with the joys of the day as swiftly as I could. For those not as fortunate as me it can be a lot harder to leave the snuggly wuggliness of the duvet and brave the utter despair of the drive to work to earn a crust etc. etc. It can be even trickier still to encourage yourself and your colleagues to turn the creaky wheels of endeavour to their fullest potential following the sometimes stale morning briefing scenario. The problem often is that the lingo used by management can be a tad pedestrian and we at 49th Floor have worked hard to tackle this problem - at least for one morning.

Singing from the same hymn sheet, we blue skied it for a while, touched base on the concept we’d washed off in the hot and steamy thought shower and fried up some ideas in the think-wok. We needed some pretty good air cover because as you know; you can't turn a tanker around with a speed boat change. What we needed ultimately was a holistic, cradle-to-grave approach to get the creativity wizards to sprinkle their magic and banish the negativity monsters that might have otherwise marred the project. After much thinking outside the box, we are proud to present our series of posters which brings some of the finest motivational quotes even spoken under one roof.

Click on each image to download/view each poster.

Motavational-quote Motavational-quote
Motavational-quote Motavational-quote

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Slayer-Christmas-Jumpers Metallica-Christmas-Jumper Motorhead-Christmas-Jumper Queens-Of-The-Stone-Age-Christmas-Jumper Attila-Christmas-Jumper

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