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Mood Hoovers

6th November 2013 | Written by David Smith 


Have you ever been in a situation where an individual has either deliberately or inadvertently knocked the wind out of your sails? You have put hours of time into a project and in this period you have invested a little piece of yourself as well, just for someone to come along and nuke all your hard-earned positivity with a single statement? 

Thanks to @joey_coops I now know that this has a name of its very own; 'Mood Hoover'. I've not heard it before, but I thought it was such an evocative term that I wanted to immortalise it forever via the medium of sarky poster, which is now available to you all for free by clicking on the image above.

The mood hoover represents a tact-void who exists only to swallow up 100% of the hope and joy in any given environment and store it in the misery vacuum for it's own blank amusement. It's Monday morning - I'm sure the Mood Hoovers are out in force today, stay strong out there people.

Does your design project need rescuing?

We don't have a giant spotlight, bright red phone or bat-pole
so this button will have to do