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Luton Shootings

6th November 2013 | Written by David Smith 


This is the first in a series of posters aimed at informing Luton's yoots that there's more to the diverse, talented and much maligned local community than gun toting' gangstas. Inspiration and role models worth having are already here. Download the poster for free, print it out and put it up somewhere.

Text below courtesy of Ed Smith

“You can’t blame me, it’s not my fault” said the man whose bullet bolt 
Came from the gun and hit the boy and lay him down like a wooden toy
“Cos I got beaten by my dad, when I was just a little lad; he hit me and my mumma too, tell me then, what would you do?”

 His father said “You can’t blame me” they closed the Vauxhall factory
I used to earn an honest bob, before they came and took my job.”
And lying on a prison bed where, paying for another crime, the killer’s dad was doing time.

You can’t blame me, it’s not my fault; said the chairman from his bombproof vault
While puffing on a fat cigar and eating toffees from a jar.
“We had to shut the factory down and rip the heart right from your town
It’s not an easy thing to do but they make great cars in China too”

“You can’t blame us” said the councilor “We’ve asked the government for more
It’s hard with this austerity to do anything about poverty.”
But everywhere for all to see their spending money wastefully
On projects built for vanity that no one really wants or needs.

“It’s not our fault, you can’t blame me” said the MP from her constituency
“I had the town’s best interests at heart “I did my bit, I did my part.”
“I couldn’t work without a second place despite the problems people face
And anyway, let’s be honest dear nobody wants to live here.”

“It’s not our fault says the chief of Police” Who’s desperately trying to keep the peace
In a town that’s left to rack and ruin by those who don’t know what they’re doing.
“We do our best with what we’ve got we’re not the criminals who shot
Your son or daughter, mum or dad we’re not to blame things got so bad.”

Whose fault is it then we ask who hides behind a hiding mask?
Who cares so little for their town they'll happily watch it going down?
Who watches while their neighbour deals the drugs to kids but doesn't feel
They can stand up to the ills of cannabis and coke and pills.

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