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8th November 2013 | Written by David Smith  A Luton Graphic Designer from Luton, Bedfordshire Mr Google in case you were wondering.


Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope that it will develop into a hub of interesting and useful resources for those involved in the creative arts and in particular graphic design in Luton and the surrounding areas where we are based. In truth it's probably going to carry on being a place for myself and Andy to vent and share our own brand of cynical observation, but we'll see - you never know; we might raise our game this time.Whilst you're here take a look through the latest posts (arranged in date order for your convenience) which are listed on this page.

You might be asking yourself what the relevance of the man in the main picutre above is. I can't justify it to be honest, but I defy anyone with a pulse not to have raised a smile when the page loaded, and that's the point of all this stuff really isn't it? I can't take the credit though, it actually came from a post made by of all people The Daily Mail - the most hated (but still surprisingly popular) newspaper of some ill repute. Normally speaking I'd include a photo-credit, but I can't quite bring myself to promote them here, so I shan't. Expect this landing page image to change often and whilst we're about it, please check back often for new posts, as they will be appearing thick and fast.

Much love, @49thfloor

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